1 Room Shared Apartment For A Lady/Student

Håtunavägen 1, 746 51 Bålsta, Sverige
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A good opportunity to live in a newly built big apartment.

You have your own furnished room with bed and tv. Window view.

You have access to the kitchen, the bigger fresh toilet, dishwasher, cloth washer and parts of the fridge and freezer.

The apartment is 101 square meter. Your room is 7 square meter. Total space available to you is about 45 square meter.

ICA supermarket is 5 minutes walk. New McDonalds is the same distance. Centrum is 10 minutes walk. Bålsta station is 12 minutes walk.

There is a bus 579 to Arlanda from the front of the house (Kalmar Livs busstop).

There is a library by the Centrum. COOP is there too. Systembolaget is at the centrum and a few other essential businesses.

There is a beach about 800 - 1000 m from the apartment depending on which part you want to visit.

There is also an additional beach by ICA.

Bålsta is clean, fresh, calm and has no heavy traffic at all. You get around easily.

Åberg Musuem is 1000 m from the apartment.

Lots of nature around as well as places of interest.
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  • Annonsnr:27564
  • Område: Centrum-Fånäs-Nydal-Västerängen / Sverige
  • Hyra:6500 kr/Månad
  • Rok:4
  • Kvm:101 m²
  • Läge:Centralt
  • Möblering:Möblerad
  • Inlagd:11 August 2022
  • Inflyttning: Omgående
  • Utflyttning: Tills vidare.
  • Visningar:5457

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